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Paintball Solutions

Paintball Solutions is your one-stop shop for all Empire Paintball, Tippmann, Spyder and JT Paintball product manuals, schematics and parts diagrams. We also provide manuals for Legacy Brands including; 32 Degrees, BT Paintball, Brass Eagle, Diablo, Evil, Extreme Rage, Hater, Invert, PCS, Piranha, Psychoballistics, Pure Energy, RPS, Stryker, Vents, Viewloader, WGP and XO.

We continue to manufacture top-of-the-line products from beginner to professional. We stand behind every product we manufacture 100%. If you ever need technical assistance or have a question about something you’ve purchased please visit our customer support site.

If you can’t find an answer to your question on our support site, you can always contact our technical support/customer service department at 1.800.724.6822 or email us at

Currently providing support for:

Empire Paintball BT JT Diablo Halo Invert RPS Piranha Pure Energy Vents Viewloader Paintball XO