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Below you can find .pdf versions of manuals for various manufacturer’s paintball products.
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  • Download, which contains the latest JT Impulse firmware and the Impulse USB software.
  • Unzip the file and copy both the firmware (JT Impulse Programming) and the installer folder to the Windows desktop or another appropriate directory.
  • Open the ImpulseUSB Installer folder and double-click on setup. Follow the instructions to install the Impulse USB software.
  • Unload and de-gas the JT Impulse following the instructions in its manual and open or remove the rubber grip.
  • With the JT Impulse turned off, connect the Impulse circuit board to the computer using a USB cable. The circuit board’s mobile phone style USB connector is located just below the tournament lock button. Windows may take a moment to properly identify the USB connection.
  • Use the newly added Impulse icon on the Windows desktop to launch the Impulse USB software. If the Impulse circuit board is properly connected, the software should display a green bar indicating a connected circuit board.
  • Click browse and locate the JT Impulse firmware.
  • Click Download to flash the firmware update into the JT Impulse.
  • While the Impulse is connected, the menu items in the Settings tab of the Impulse USB software may be used to read or adjust the marker’s settings.
  • When the firmware update is complete, disconnect the Impulse from the USB cable.

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